Retail Store Manager

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Region :
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Contract type :
Availability :
Full time
Salary :
5,00,000 - 8,00,000 p.a.
Experience :
5 to 10 years

Company description

Samarth Lifestyle retailing Pvt. Ltd.
Samarth Lifestyle Retailing Pvt. Ltd. is a complete branded retail solution provider with expertise in retail operations. Our firm ideates, creates and executes growth strategies for retail channel development.

Samarth Lifestyle Retailing Pvt. Ltd. helps brands to reach to their maximum potential by identifying profitable growth opportunity.

On one side it provides a platform for brands to explore new markets and on other side it gives opportunity to consumers to buy these premium branded products in their own catchment.

Job description

1. One is responsible for maintaining the store in order to ensure residents and visitors have access to necessary supplies and accommodations.
2. Maintain store staff job results by coaching, counselling and disciplining employees, planning, monitoring and appraising job results.
3. Maintain customer service.
4. Markets merchandise by studying advertising, sales promotion and display plans, analyzing operating and financial statements for profitability ratios.
5. Identify current and future customer requirements
6. Coordinate with the team to close the sale.
7. Maintain stock, supplies and inventories.
8. Secures merchandise by implementing security systems and maintain accounts.
9. Determine marketing strategy changes by reviewing operating and financial statements and departments sales records.
10. Maintain the stability and reputation of the store by complying with legal requirements.


1. Presentable
2. Effective verbal and communication skills
3. Effective customer service and interpersonal skills.
4. Book keeping skills
5. Decision making skills
6. Time management skills
7. Computer skills