ad Sales Representative

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Availability :
Part time
Experience :
2 to 5 years

Company description

About Us:
The Fashion Enterprise is an online publication & directory platform, dedicated to providing behind the scenes reportage from the fashion industry in India. Through its digital content and tools, TFE aims to equip industry creatives and experts with invaluable insights and best practices on the business and entrepreneurial facets. TFE’s mission is to act as an umbrella for all professions in the fashion industry and bring them together as a community, in order to help them stay connected.
Services Offered:
Digital magazine - Curated content on finely researched and opinionated point of views; such as startup, entrepreneurial resources, business relevant content and various tools to discover a more informed outlook on the behind the scenes of the fashion industry.
Fashion directory - TFE’s very own version of an intelligent directory of businesses, organised by category and demographic where fashion professionals, companies that one needs to connect with, from a start up point to promotion, to sales and eventually retailers, can get discovered by our users.

Job description


1. Locate and contact potential clients to offer their firm’s advertising services
2. Persuading clients to buy advertising space or time
3. Finding out who controls the advertising budget in target organisations and contacting them.
4. Explaining the benefits of your medium, using statistics on readership or viewing figures
5. Offering a price and negotiating around it
6. Closing the deal and recording the details


1. Should have great communication skills
2. Persuasive
3. Initiative
4. Great organizational skills
5. Self confidence